Why reading matters


I’ve heard that every character in a book is a reflection and exaggeration of a piece of the writer themselves. It’s pretty cool to think that in part, the people we fall in love with on these pages, partly exist somewhere in our world. Even if that saying isn’t 100% true, characters come from somewhere and are usually based on someone.

Most of us aim to become like our book characters or movie characters. It would be nice to have the physique and skill set of ‘Wonder Woman’, the wit, courage and intelligence of Peter Parker, the loyalty and kindness of Nya ( ‘The Healing Wars’ by Janice Hardy). It would be amazing to be comparable to any Sarah J. Maas character (as long as they’re one of the good guys).

When I was younger I could never read a book or watch a movie without imagining myself in the characters shoes. I used to think reading was about going on adventures with these other characters, it was just funReally I’m much too self-centered for that reality and of course when I started reading it was all about me. It wasn’t simply just because I liked having my mind blown with the world building and what seems at points a labyrinth of plot twists.  I wanted to grow and be a better human and a better version of me. The reason I read is the reason I write.

You can learn a lot from books. That’s something else that I’ve heard before and something that’s quite easy to forget.

I learned why I should keep fighting no matter how rough things get. I learned about all the possibilities I’ll give up if I don’t. I learned that no matter how angry you can be at a person, there are just some people you will unwillingly always love. I learned about how fragile and strong every one of us is and that people are malleable. People change constantly, it means that we can be what we need to achieve our own goals.


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