Popular bullsh*t about writers people believe – the top 5!


*Warning, if you haven’t already guessed, strong language!

What kind of writer are you? The kind who drinks coffee or tea? The kind who sees the hope within us all or the darkness? What kind of wri*#78as@3!##~…ERROR/

Okay let’s be honest, we like to fill pages with words until those pages become a story. We all have that in common but when did writers grow apart from humanity and become a different species? No, just because I’m a writer does not mean I enjoy solitude and that is my first point.

  1. We like to be alone.  No one enjoys life in complete solitude! That’s batsh*t crazy! A life without love and companionship isn’t a life at all. We all need people, I’m sad to say.
  2. We spend most of the day curled up at home with a pet.  screw that! Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’m sure as heck lucky my mum practically stole my dog from me from the day we brought her to our home. If I can’t remember to buy myself food and take myself out of the house for once, I’m sure as hell not going to remember to do that for a dog.
  3. We live for caffeine! I’m good, coffee is good. Apple juice is good. Tea is good. I really don’t have any addiction or overwhelming preference here.
  4. We have the answer to everything!  Look man, I’m still questioning why I still get up in the morning. You think I can tell you what the meaning of life is? Really?
  5. We all knew from childhood what we wanted to be, and we have never wanted anything else more. Naaah. I wanted to be a priest what I was younger (even though I’m a girl and It’s worth noting I’ve since turned to atheism. Take from that what you will), then a vet, then a fireman and then a soldier. I really just kind of fell into this as a teenager and couldn’t give it up. As much as I want this, and I want it soo badly, I’d definitely choose to get married and have kids over having a book published if the ultimatum was ever put in front of me *knocks on wood*.



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