How to make the journey to becoming an author a little bit easier in the beginning


Everyone begins at the point where they decide they want to be an author. They want to write stories and publish novels but when it comes to filling those blank pages with words it seems impossible. It seems that our dreams will never come to us no matter how badly we want it, and that’s true. There is no fairy godmother. There is no secret to making our lives and our work easier. We have to do everything ourselves and if we want our dreams that badly well, we just have to keep fighting for it.

The hardest part about writing (and reading) is the loneliness that it brings. In my life writing has made me amazing friends but it has also made me feel more alone than I’ve ever been which just makes me feel hopeless about my future publishing wise and socially. It’s coming out of a good book or remembering a great character and realising that they are not your friend, they are words on a page and your life is organising and reorganising letters into words; it is not with them or in their world.

I need to be grounded to write otherwise I’m just going to drift away into my dreams and not get a single word written and just end up more depressed. I used to hate writing in public but now it’s become the best place for actually getting great progress done. When I’m sitting in costa writing I’m relaxed, I’m surrounded by people too busy in their own lives to really see me and I’m not dreaming anymore because I feel real. That’s when I get good writing done.

One thing I feel is actually missing from my life ( one of the many things, actually) is that I work in retail and I’m pretty much the only one in my family that likes to read, so I’m not surrounded by like-minded people. It would be great If I could get a full-time job in a bookstore and meet other people who like the things I like but even if that doesn’t happen I can still go the library and write, read and talk to people there. In high school it was so much simpler, just join the creative writing club, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Spend time in places where there are people like you.

The thing that I come face-to-face most with, is knowing where I’m going. Writing and wanting to be an author is kind of like living on a pause. Yes I’m working and yes I’m studying but those things mean nothing to me when I’m really trying to go for my dream. Getting W.O.T.G (War of the goddess) published and getting on my own two feet will be a dream come true. It still seems impossible, it will still seem to be once it happens so I did the best thing I could have done. I wrote everything I wanted out of the next five years.

With a lot of luck, I’ll have a trilogy written and published, my own flat, car and cat and a full-time job by 2022. I mean, why the heck can’t I do this?


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