5 ways to stay creative when you’re not writing.

  When a million things start to pile up at once it can be hard to balance out your time. There are too many days for me that seem to just disappear. I don’t know where my time goes.  I know I’ve wasted so much of it but keeping the balance well, it’s exhausting. 

Recently I’ve managed to just return to reading and writing. It’s great when I can actually do it but even then it’s been so long that those little moments I have now to keep writing are used on work that I know isn’t good. After being grounded in reality and the paranoi, fear and stress of every damn day it’s not as easy to get so creative. I know it’s a muscle I have the work on and this is how I’m doing it:

1. Listening to music. Listening to  pop songs and movie songs, weather they’re Disney, Burlesque or even trailer songs, is key to my character development. With it, the characters come to life before they even exist! Job 1/2 done. 

2. Unrealistic planning. After I left high school I started to think a lot about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to live and the family I wanted ( despite being single AF). Everything I write has come from my life and my outlook, imagining all of the things I could do, places I could go and people I could be just spin a gold out my unrealistic failures. 

3. Photography (e.g Instagram). Sometimes I just need to remind myself I am a creative person and I can create something to be proud of. I have this blog, and I’m proud of this. I also have the ability to spill compleate and utter cheesy /sweet/cringe-worthy quotes. A good challenge for me is writing down in one or two simple lines what I’m thinking and make them worth looking at. It might not be a novel, but a novels only a couple of thousand lines. Right?

4. Stories. Working in retail, I hear strangers stories everyday. Going on Wattpad works too and the ‘myths and legends’ podcast I listen to, I love. Hearing a story and imagining it is the path to redeming any writing. 

5. Editing. When it all comes down to it, nothing works better than imagining all of the things I should have done instead when reading an old story or worse… my old poetry. Sometimes the answer is to change a few things, sometimes the answer is to bin the notbook and run! 


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