How I’m using my first draft as the novel plan.


So I’m one of those writers that hate’s planning their novel. The planning stages ultimately end up being what could be months of procrastinating when I should be writing. As much as I like organising my ideas and knowing where I’m going, having every little detail jotted down before I go is boring. So I’m not doing it. Why the hell do I have to?

Sometimes you just have to stick with whatever stories in your head and just try to work on getting it out. So far, I’ve got three bullet points for every single arch (e.g.plot point) of act one and that’s all I’m using to start. I’ve got a title and a basic story outline for a story I want to tell. This could go anywhere I want it to go and that is why writing it is so damn brilliant!

I still need to keep track of my characters and how I write them, how they look, act and what decisions they make. I’m listing everything after it hits the page. When Hope, Pell, Elise and Ace all come face to face with their own battles new themes are explored and I start creating new notes based on what the heck just happened to them.

It’s studying your own work and because of it, writing right now, it’s going pretty amazing. I’m finally out of a writing slump and there is no way I could go back!


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