When I started writing again…


So I’ve recently just gotten out a writer/reader slump and stitched my mind back together so I’m finally back to writing again (Yay!). I know a lot of people go through phases like I have and have noticed that I only ever hear writers tell me that I should be writing every day and not enough telling me that sometimes life gets in the way or you get stuck on a downhill slope and sometimes you just can’t write. It’s okay! You will eventually get out of it fellow writer and here are five things I experienced when I did:

  1. Creativity UNHINGED!   Getting back to writing after a long break I didn’t wake up one morning with my head bursting with ideas,  but once I jumped right back into it I couldn’t tell you what I was writing anymore… would my fantasy take an new turn into another planet? Would one of the characters turn rogue, unhinged and hunt down his classmates? Who knows?! I LOVE IT!

2.Getting no work done.   I have uni and I also have a part-time job but writing conquers all, even when I’m at work my characters Hope and Elise have all of my attention. How can I care about social sciences when I could go with them and track down the monster they’ve unleashed? HOW???

3.Posts on writing groups become bible pages. Facebook likes to remind me ever single time someone comments or writes about something on the writing groups I’m a part of. Every. Single. Time. I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE! I mean, I’m a writer again!

4. Too. Many. Projects.  I tried to keep writing before I stopped and there are a lot of projects I didn’t finish. There are a few new projects I’m dying to start, and not nearly enough time in the world.  AGHH….HELP ME…..I am very excited but still….help…

5.Screw my health! Deciding that you’ve already spent your morning up and reading and realising it’s too late to go to sleep now, yea It happens all the time.


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