10 Things all writers have to face


Being a writer is hard, especially since being an introverted one trying to socialise is almost as hard as getting those words onto the page.

Here are 10 things I come to face as a writer out of recluse comfort.

1.” That’s what you want to do?” No, you’re right.  I’ve been lying all these years! IT’S ALL LIES!!!

2.  “Nanowrimo isn’t really an achievement.”

*waits for the NaNoWriMo fan-army battle cry*

3.“You have such an easy life!”  But…writing is hard! Writing is work and on top of that I have a part-time job and I study for my online OU course so no. No, I do not you fellow moron.

4. I really prefer tea.  This bugs me more than it should. Writers seem to love coffee. I love coffee, I love a good vanilla soy latte but I really love tea and I drink it more and this is a love triangle I never thought I’d be caught in!

5.“You should marry rich.” Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to…but I can make a living being a writer. Not right now but one day. Hold onto your wedding dress Ma.

6. “What kind of books do you like to read?” I hate answering this question. Do  I say “fantasy”, “Young adult”, “Wizzard/witch/assassin/regal/ pirate war and romance novels and some classics too”? There’s a lot of fiction books in this world and I’d be just fine attempting to read every single one of them in my lifetime buddy. That’s my answer.

7.”How’s the writing going?” NEVER ASK!!!

8.“How’s the reading going?” With ‘the feels’, the TBR bundle, new releases and all those reading slumps my answer is either “Great.” – but I’m lying -or “I really don’t know.”

9. “How’s life?” :/ Do I get to phone a friend to answer that? I will need to.

10.” Stories don’t mean anything.”, and the next day they disappeared…

So this is a little different from what I usually write but to whoever’s reading this that has to deal with these situations as well,  you are not alone.

Have a great day!


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