Writing as a ‘Planner’ and ‘Pantser’ and why you should be both.

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So before I could even think about writing another novel (after my first and worst attempt for nanowrimo’By All Means’, that should never be read by anyone) I had to discover how I liked to write.

For me, the best time to write is at night (the morning is for studying and the day is usually for work) and if I have to have some kind of plan and I like to write from a third person narrative. I can plan my novel in public but I can’t write in public or even downstairs. I have to write in my room and I have to keep my plan on note cards, decorated with a little colour, attached to my wall.

I think we all have to learn about how we like to write. For me, it meant I couldn’t over plan and lose enthusiasm for my work or under plan, and have no idea what the story was going and fail to be excited about it.  I always like having some kind of plan, even if it’s just the three bullet points; the beginning, middle and end of the story.

So I’m a planner. As a planner who hates all the planning I’ve always been jealous of the pantsers and how they can just start a novel and finish it without having to do any of the extra work. They’re the same kind of people who never revised for tests in school and always got A’s.

As much as I like a plan, it’s not impossible to do and it’s not pointless to try, although I’m a planner. For pantsers it’s straight from their mind to their page, it is their imagination unhinged and writing that way you have no idea what you could be writing!

To write well you need to build up your writing skills and build up your imagination to get a better story. There isn’t a better way to do that than by just writing and letting your mind run wild, discovering what you can come up with.

I love using this technique and I definitely don’t use it nearly as often as I would like to. I definitely think it’s something everyone should try. Every week or even every day, you can get writing prompts online from a number of different sources (my person favourite is linked below) and it’s something I definitely should bring back into my routine.




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