How being an introvert decided the type of writer I am!


So being an introvert has always been part of who I am, even when I try and convince myself in more of an ambivert and as I get older I realise more and more how this actually affects me not just socially but in every aspect of my life. How being overly-introverted has shaped my writing has become a huge problem for me for in some areas but in others, a real blessing in disguise.

  1. Self-Publishing Every writer has to decide which publishing route they want to go down and I’ve pretty much decided that I want to self-publish first before going the traditional route. If I was to go the traditional route I would undoubtedly face rejection letter after rejection letter, my story and my lack of experience can guarantee that. Instead of facing my fear of rejection and having my dream thrown into my face repeatedly I’d much rather keep it to myself and build myself up from the ground, leaving all the responsibility on me and me alone. This makes my story mine to market and design once it’s written and I’d much rather find my own voice before I let someone else shape it.  Call me protective, It’s still what I’m going to do.
  2. Using Wattpad    Writing is something I do alone and something I started when I felt most alone. It all started as a way of letting things I couldn’t feel or accept escape me, so it still seems unnatural for me to let someone else see that. I should have started my Wattpad story a while ago I haven’t even chosen an outlet for working on poetry. Having someone read my fictional work is always more invasive, I put my moral beliefs, personality, challenges, fears and hope into my stories as all writers do and that’s a hard thing to overcome.
  3. Storytelling I take a lot of inspiration from the books that mean a lot to me and make me realise how important being a writer is to me. It can be hard to escape them sometimes. Instead of searching for a balance between fangirling and creating, I just have to push those two things together. My inner introvert helped me realise that one doesn’t come without the other; I need them both when I write and that’s why when I’ve not been reading I’ve not been writing! I need authors book soundtracks! I need fan art! I do!
  4. Acceptance The work you need to do when you decide you want to be an author before you’ve even written your book is exhausting and horrible. I do not like people and I do not like sharing, but if I want to keep writing I need other writers and I need the community to base myself in. So writing things specifically for sharing with writing communities I want to be a part of solves my problems in a way my inner introvert can endure. However, I’m still holding back the things I want to be writing and at this point, I’ve accepted fate. I give up. Writing for others never works, so don’t pay too much attention to your view or likes and just write for yourself. It unlikely I can have a successful writing career, but I’m still writing so I find it difficult to care.
  5. Collector   As an extension of no.3, what I enjoy as a reader and writer I can’t let go of. It’s the reason I bought my Anastasia ‘together in Paris necklace and matching music box, why I don’t like giving books away and miss them when they’re not on the shelf and why if I thought a book was good I can’t leave it and I have to own it and find a space for it in my room. It’s a little obsessional. I have a separate folder for stories and poems I’ve found online or have studied in school that I loved so much I had to have a copy of (e.g. ‘A poets welcome to his love begotten Daughter’ by Robert Burns and ‘The Scythe‘ by Rae Bradbury) but as far as writers go…I think this is pretty normal.

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