5 pointers on writing a love story


Even if it’s a subplot or the main deal knowing how to pull on the heartstrings of your readers is exactly what you need to do in creating a relationship for readers to care about and care where these characters end up taking their life, together or apart.  We need to know your characters personality and what better way to challenge that through a lover willing to spend and plan the rest of their life around your character!

So here are five pointers I’ve come up with to create a love story your readers to care about.

  1. Love at first sight, it doesn’t exist.  Having destiny pull two people together and having two pieces of one jigsaw fit instantly together at lover’s fist glance will never do your character development any favours. Love should not be something to be noticed or introduced to when meeting someone for the first time. In creating a love story your readers will care about the lovers should develop a likeness for each other, become friends, grow and support each other until they realise that their life is better with them in it and surprise, they’re part of the reason your characters made it to where they are/ who they are. Love changes characters when it’s right.
  2. Have readers understand the character better through their lover. Your main character puts on a performance when they interact with people, as everyone does in life and there are only so many things your character can express to the readers about themselves. The person your character loves the most should understand the choices and mentality of them especially in parts they can’t understand about themselves. A character who is stubborn and proud will not be able to admit when they are over reacting but their other half might. A character betrayed may have difficulty following their morals and thinking logically past their anger, but a lover who supports them and makes them feel safe should be able to understand them and help guide them home. All characters have deep rooted issues and it’s great development to have the love interest play the role of their therapist and help them work their issues out from the root cause they couldn’t even see themselves!
  3. Have your character love the way they move.  When reading about physical relationships without love or any personal connection you’ll get a lot of abs, boobs and butts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have these in your love story and have your characters love their partner’s body but your characters should love their body. Have them ecstatic over the way they carry themselves, the way they move, every freckle, scar, nerve and habit they have.
  4. Have all kinds of fighting! Fighting is good to an extent. No one is perfect and neither is any character ever written! Having fights such as Do you think this looks good on me? Did you just check them out? where is this relationship going? Why don’t we do anything special together anymore? Or Why do you constantly risk your own life to act like a hero? Shows that your characters are not perfect, they have struggles and conflicts and they don’t fit perfectly together. That’s what builds realism. If your characters are fighting to find a solution to a problem they are in it shows they want it resolved so they must care about the person. Just keep them as a great team for the most part, keep fighting in moderation!
  5. Have them plan their lives and routines around them.  If it’s love and they plan to be in it for they long haul or at least want it to be for the long haul, the characters must involve each other in their routines and imagine their lives with each other in their own future. Love may not need a commitment such as a ring( depending on your characters own belief) or an I love you, at least not right away, but it does demand commitment to that person. As a reader, I need the lovers to show they at least want this person for the rest of their lives.

Any that’s what I think you need for a love story.


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