Want to be a writer? Give up on your inspiration! 


Lately, I’ve been so focused on planning my novel and writing about my own life that I had to be reminded what it is like to write fiction. Whether it’s based in a setting I’m used to, completely made up, whether it’s first/second/ third person narrative the words I have written down always seem to feel wrong, rubbish and Immature.

After feeling like this I started to remember and notice the language some of my favourite authors use in their books. They use language I use and am used to, It’s written in a way I can relate to and understand easily. Nothing is too complex.

It’s hard seeing how easy and simple their writing flows through the pages, captivating me all the way through and loving writing it, while also having the understanding that I could never come close to writing like that.

There’s my problem. I did not set out to be like them. Writers shoiluldnt aim to be like writers the same way singers shouldn’t aim to be like singers. We all have our own voice. Those are their words and their stories. As much as we see how writers really do tend to be alike, when it comes to writing we cannot be compared. Our stories are a great part of our lifetime.
So if you want to write and you have the same anxiety I do, give up on greatness!Give up on aspiration! Go and write your story.


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