The reality of being a writer



1. Finding readers

Just as you start to discover your writing process and what works for you, you’ll find out that writing your book isn’t enough. You need to bust your bubble; you need to get on social media and start making friends with other writers who are interested in your content. Sh*t.

As an extreme introvert with close to zero frequent social interaction, I get your struggle but your readers are there to support you and help you grow. Once you find them you’ll be in a far better place than the millions of other writers without the exposure. Need support for building up your blog? Me too!

Need support for building up your blog? Me too!

2.Social Media and self-doubt

As an extension of number one, when you try to engage with other writers you’ll automatically come across tonnes of other writers you’ve never heard of that are in a far better place than you are.  This is where your goals are tested, seeing other writers like you succeeding should make us happy for them but were working our asses off and still stuck on the first hurdle we can’t feel happy for them! Building yourself up from rock bottom with no  exposure and zero followers (and if you’re as anti-social as me with no friends that can really support and challenge you until you achieve your goals) this will probably be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

If you give up then you do yourself no favours. If you fail, you fail at trying and a writer in constant battles with getting his/her story read that’s a story I know I’d like to hear.

My new way of combating this is a strange technique I’m starting after this blog post. To remind myself that my failure is just as possible as my success I’ll be writing letters for myself on the day I get a book published. Remind yourself why you want this and where you want to be going. That’s how I stay sane! Look forward to it, you’re working hard for it!

“That doesn’t stop me from thinking no one wants to hear from me.I’m an introvert, I have no social life. What if I just turn into one of those weird bloggers no one reads and people laugh at me?”

Is this you too?  Well we’re both writers, and writers are all a little weird, its brilliant!

Frankly, I don’t have time for people who laugh at my website, writing and dreams.

Most people aren’t so cruel, overcome no1 and you’ll notice that.

3. Prioritising your projects

You need to find time to write a novel, connect with others on social media, tweet, tumble, Instragram, blog, expose your writing and other stories online,  study (if applicable), go to work and medicate or meditate as a solution to all the panic attacks and anxiety your writing aspirations are giving you.


This is a problem you’ll constantly struggle with but if you’re able to keep a schedule you can stick to it doesn’t have to be a problem. With my job, I don’t know how many hours I’ll have to work in two weeks, or how much studying I’ll be expected to do that week for my online HNC course.   My week starts on a Saturday and that is the day for planning the week ahead. Expect your schedule to be constantly changing, but have goals for each day and week. I go on all of my social media links each night to see what’s going on for at least half an hour, I plan on publishing a chapter of my Wattpad story ‘Death to the King’ each week and blogging every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Reading and writing my novel ‘War of the Goddess’ I do as often as I can after my dedicated study hours.

So if you want to be a writer and your struggling, I am too.



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