Epidemic of the developed world

looking back at the little choices that would have changed who I am now, I’m not the most impressive version of myself. Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s another version of me sitting in coffee shops writing and bragging-a-little-but-still-being-friendly to the server about all of her hobbies and accomplishments!

Why aren’t I this person now? Well…I might have sold days of my life in return for watching others talk about their achievements and live their day (I’m not a stalker, just felt like that needed to be addressed). I wasted all of my time on YouTube! I haven’t been writing or reviewing my NANOWRIMO novel “By All Means”. In fact, if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have been writing very much and if it wasn’t for the limited access I have to my school library ( as I’ll be leaving soon- yippee) I wouldn’t have read “Siege and Storm” by Leigh Bardugo and I’d be trapped in my reading slump until summer.

Now I’m lucky to have this first-world problem; access to technology whenever, wherever! It’s not as if I’m  exposed to or at risk of coming into contact with any real threatening epidemics. At least that’s what I thought before. If everybody left their phones behind and deleted whatever time-consuming vice they have like I did, what would that world be like? There are good things from social media so it’s not as if it’s terrible, it connects people which always is a great thing but limiting the use of it means more hours in the day and more time for developing skills and hobbies and learning! For me, it means I can read, and sketch and play guitar, study and write. Then maybe in my future great things can come from what I’ve spent my days doing.

It’s such a simple change but I feel as if it could be life changing.




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