…and then I wasn’t so afraid anymore.

“Where do they go?” The girls asks, re-adjusting the tie on her blonde pigtails, and then her mother looked back onto the field of ash and  covered remains laid to rest on the only motherland they could have.  The girl faced her mother with an appraising look, holding back the reality of what was infront of them and the fear in the centre of her mind “you think this is it?”

“No!” How could she explain this ” I think that it had taken so long for everything to arrive here as it did. Every little element of dust pushing and evolving and moulding to here…to us.  The  world had taken a burst of energy to exist, and then everything kept coming and coming to us…standing here. We came from the stars. Now these people are gone…but their bodies are released back into the world to keep on going…”

For a second they paused in mournful silence, the mother looked out past the dead, with tears soaking her eyes, on the mountains far from the battle-won, thinking if it was a  wise idea to continue. Her daughter stared into the gravel and dust particles stained onto herself, clinging to each word and waiting for the next.

“…so one day when everything is gone and the world is gone and nothing is left of us… we’ll go back into the stars. That used to scare me…” she admitted “…but I though of things in this way and then I wasn’t so afraid anymore.”


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