No fair

Why is it that, where I live,  we only have one fair a year to celebrate a commercialised but-still-spiritual holiday that not everyone celebrates?  That doesn’t make any sense.

This all began a few weeks back when I was laughing in Tesco at some funny birthday cards, I turned to show it to my mum who had walked off and instead just turned to accidentally laugh and stare towards a stranger.

So I turn around, wishing that he didn’t notice and see Happy Easter cards! Of course, like Christmas, this is just commercialising the holiday. I almost bought a pack. No one I know really celebrates Easter, we just give each other excessive amounts of chocolate!

If I had given Easter cards out the outcome would probably leave me with a permanent bubble of space around me and some confusing looks in the hall at school. Actually, it wouldn’t change much.

Eating a little unhealthily isn’t a bad way of celebrating! It’s how I celebrate and in that way I celebrate life every day!

On Christmas morning you “taste” whatever goodies Mr Clause has left under the tree; on Easter you skip your lunch and crack open a chocolate egg, thinking “I’ll start that diet tomorrow.”

At every Christmas fair or German market during December there’s more food stalls and more wafting scents of hot and delicious meals than gift stalls and it’s glorious.

So merry Christmas when it comes.

Good tidings,

and screw dieting.



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