Bud, farewell!

Disney, Pixar’s “Inside out”.

****Spoiler Warning*****

Maybe it was the sudden collapse of friendship island or the decay of family island but I found it to be tragic. I was in the cinema watching a Pixar film with a tear rolling down my cheek, and I looked like a twat

Peter lives nearby and we are close relatives so as family so often, naturally, does it is accustom to show polite interest in your loved ones lives but no; Peter doesn’t ask questions or convey any interest and maybe, well… to him I am only a ghost story.

today when his family had dropped off Easter eggs for me, mum and her husband it was like the collapse of my family island; everything I had and the home we had shared and created was gone.

I had seen this coming. He no longer reminded me of home or kept me safe as he did the last time it snowed properly in Scotland – I was four and my feet were cold from the thick snow and when walking home after sledging together he game me his socks. I hope I’ll never forget how kind I used to see him but then again nothing lasts forever. Now I think he’s rotten and I can’t help it.

I watched it collapse, and I’m constantly reminded that he’s gone.

I mourn him like he’s dead.



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