My own readings on Tarot.

I promise that I’m completely nuts!

In truth…I use tarot for creativity and to uncover things that I don’t want to admit to myself. I can’t explain how it works too well you see, but of course, I’ll try.  Here it goes, on most occasions, I hold a question in my head and  I know that even though It’s just plucked from nothing It must be important because I went to the tarot to ask it.

As I shuffle through the cards I’m thinking of every little factor that influences the question. Every problem. Everything that I can and can’t do and everyone else involved too.

That’s how I get my answer.

I look at the drawn cards and I link them to what I already know; finding whatever hope or fear or obstacle the card pushes my attention towards and then the mess of all things within my question can be condensed in a simple, very simple, way that I couldn’t manage before!

The answer- well I like to believe I’m a pretty positive person so it’s always a good reality that I go out and make happen (or try to if you want to be 100% accurate)!

My mother, she believes in spiritual plains of existence that religion teaches about and I don’t.

She believes that the tarot is something I should stay away from and how can I explain to her that I let it become a tool, a tool within my own power or say that the cards, the messages and the meaning’s, they’re all my own creation.  You could argue that I could achieve this without tarot and well…yes technically on paper it seems I could but I really do work with tarot swell!

It’s a working method. A brain-teaser. A creation of man and it’s a secret because I can’t tell her about that world without frightening her to the core.


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